‘Grim reaper’ spotted at King Charles’ coronation

Who invited this creep?

Eagle-eyed Twitter customers noticed what seems to be a cloaked determine scurrying within the background of King Charles III’s coronation, likening the unknown particular person to the grim reaper.

An individual wrapped in hooded, black robes carrying an extended rod, akin to a scythe, was caught dashing in entrance of the golden arches inside the cathedral Saturday.

“Anybody else simply discover the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey?” a person wrote on Twitter, grabbing 2 million views.

“I observed him! Who’s he in search of?” one particular person responded.

Grim reaper figure in Westminster Abbey
“NAH IT CANT JUST BE ME THAT SAW IT,” one social media person posted.

Grim reaper figure spotted in Westminster Abbey
The determine darted throughout the golden-arched entryway earlier than disappearing once more.

“Anybody else see the Grim Reaper make an look on the Coronation?” tweeted another, as customers quipped it may very well be Prince Harry’s spouse, Meghan Markle, in disguise. She was reported to be staying home in California.

The footage even reached TikTok, the place one at-home viewer scored 8.8 million views on the “reaper’s” fast cameo.

“NAH IT CANT JUST BE ME THAT SAW IT,” the caption learn, partly.

“Diana getting her revenge,” provided one viewer.

“Dianas invite defo arrived,” joked one other.

“Lizzy got here again with backup this time,” chimed in another person.

“Lizzy desires her crown again,” agreed one other.

The viral spectacle comes after two royal “superfans” — who claimed to have predicted the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip — warned of ominous coronation vibes.

“We’ve had visions, like slideshows in our heads, that safety must be excessive,” Lynne Antink, 78, told Jam Press.

King Charles III coronation in Westminster Abbey
King Charles III formally took the throne on Saturday in a historic ceremony.
Getty Photographs

The Berkshire, England native and her son, Colin, have gained fame for his or her morbid predictions.

“My first imaginative and prescient was the crown falling, and I don’t know what this implies, however it’ll both fall from the cushion or from the king’s head,” she revealed.

Regardless of fears the ceremony would go awry, the closest factor to tragedy was pop star Katy Perry’s near face plant and the enthralled fans of heartthrob Johnny Thompson discovering the royal equerry is taken.

What you must know in regards to the coronation:

However the coronation has not been with out controversy, from anti-monarchy protesters to snubbed relatives.

The multi-million-dollar festivities even prompted an increase out of taxpayers indignant over footing the invoice for the dear extravaganza, which is estimated to cost between $63 million and $125 million.

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